Embracing Uncertainty "-5Rhythms® Dance Free Online Workshop

We may get stuck in the repeating rhythm and routines of life, especially facing the uncertainties in the storm of pandemic. 5-Rhythms is where mindful movement meets the dance. Developed creatively by Gabrielle Roth, this practice provides a map that can point you to the inherent wisdom of your body-mind as well as being a great workout. It can be an opportunity to develop the skills of discipline, commitment and creativity, and to catalyze deep healing and self-expression. All you need is the willingness to follow your feet and to allow yourself to move with whatever comes up.

Date: 4th, April 2022 (Mon)
Time: 8:00 ~ 9:00 pm
Online Platform: Zoom
Fee: Free of charge
Language: English (不設廣東話即時傳譯)
Quota: 100
Instructor: Ms. Sudevi Sundari

Bio of the instructor:

Sudevi Sundari

accredited as a 5 Rhythms facilitator. I love this this practice. I danced my first Five Rhythms class in 2000 in Hong Kong. When I dance my elbows and knees, head and feet, hips and heart together I feel all my body parts connecting. I can have a more harmonious connection with all my 5 senses, my heart and spirit. This practice gives me a deeper understanding of my relationship to Self, others and the Universe.
More about 5Rhythms®: https://www.5rhythms.com/

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Kind Reminders:
1. Please respect the intellectual property rights of the speaker, and please do not do video recording, audio recording or directly take photos of the content of the workshop
2. This activity will be provided for registration in the first come first served basis. After the successful registration, participant will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link, one working day before the event; if you do not receive the confirmation email after registration, please check you "Spam" box
3. During the event, video recordings will be made by our agency for the future education and promotion purposes.
4. If the Observatory will issue a storm signal No. 8 or above and a red or black rainstorm warning within two hours before the start of the event. The event will be cancelled and the re-run of the event will be further notified separately.
5. Your personal information provided to our organization is only used for registration and is protected by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance